February 8, 2023

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10 Jobs That Promise Several Years

10 Jobs That Promise

10 Jobs That Promise: In today’s sophisticated era, competition in the world of work is getting tougher. Moreover. In the current era. People are also required to live side by side with technology, so the community’s need for technology is very large. It is not imaginable that in the next few years, jobs that intersect with machines and technology will be needed. 10 Jobs That Promise Several Years

Here are 10 jobs that can adapt to the times and will be increasingly popular in the next 5 years

1. Business development professionals

One of the main missions of this work is to find a strategy so that the company’s business can continue to grow in the long term.

2. Digital transformation specialist

Applying existing and future technologies to make the company more developed and competitive.

3. Information security analyst

In charge of monitoring and protecting important company data and information using software, such as firewalls and data encryption programs.

4. Software and application developers

Currently, gadgets such as laptops and smartphones have become a major need for most of today’s society.

Thus, the need for graduates who are experts to develop software is increasingly needed.

5. Internet of Things specialist

Design and manufacture tools that are connected and operate with the internet network.

6. Data Analysts and Scientists (data analyst and data scientist)

A data analyst is in charge of processing data and presenting the available data, while a data scientist looks for ways to obtain data and analyze it for use by analysts.

7. AI and Machine Learning specialist (artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning specialist)

This job is in charge of programming machines or computers that can do work and learn like humans, even better than the results of human work.

8. Big Data Specialist

A Big Data Specialist is required to have expertise in processing very large volumes of data that grows exponentially over time.

9. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialist (digital marketing and strategy specialist)

Develop and execute a digital sales strategy.

10. Process Automation Specialist (process automation specialist)

Using technology to perform repetitive tasks that can replace manual work.