November 28, 2022

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A NASA Spaceship Just Crashed Into An Asteroid

No, this is not the plot line of a Hollywood blockbuster starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

NASA just intentionally slammed a spacecraft, heading 13,421 miles per hour, into an asteroid 6.8 million miles up in the sky (that’s 28 times the length of the moon to the Earth).

You can watch it all right here.

This is all section of NASA’s $300 million Double Asteroid Redirection System Exam (DART). Asteroid collision is a really serious menace to humanity, and NASA wishes to experiment with approaches to re-immediate any asteroid that might be hurtling in direction of Earth in the upcoming.

Astronomers selected an asteroid named Dimorphos as their target. Dimorphos, which is about the sizing of the Washington monument, is no direct danger to Earth. But it is really about the identical measurement as asteroids that could endanger the earth. DART’s mission is to deflect the asteroid off its course so that if it ended up truly heading in the direction of Earth, it would overlook its target.

How Did the DART Mission Go?

The DART spacecraft created effect with Dimporphos currently at 7:15 pm ET.

Compared with motion pictures these kinds of as Armageddon, in which NASA nuked an asteroid to smithereens, the DART mission showcased no thoughts-boggling explosions but relatively the picture of a small grey speck in the sky coming into aim as the spacecraft moved closer to Dimorphos.

The last impression from the spacecraft’s cockpit showed Dimorphos protected with boulders, and then the are living feed disappeared as the spacecraft divebombed into the asteroid.

NASA will overview images and facts above the future couple of days to see if the experiment labored in transferring Dimorphos. But for now, they are celebrating the mission, which has been in the performs since 2015, as a smashing results.