September 26, 2022

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Can Cortana and Xbox be deleted from Windows 10, and how can

Q: I use Windows 10 and have 50 % a dozen things I would like to delete like Xbox, gaming and video games, and Cortana. These possibly have an uninstall button that is not energetic or I am referred to “programs” but they are not shown there. The place can I get at them? I have pretty large disk space, it’s generally about dumping points I under no circumstances use.

Jim Carroll

A: I hear you, specifically about Cortana. Fortuitously, Microsoft has stopped enabling Cortana by default in Windows 11.

You can disable Cortana in Windows 10 by going to the Job Supervisor and clicking on the Startup tab. Pick out Cortana and then click on “Disable.”

Next, open the Begin menu and identify Cortana. Correct-click on on Cortana and decide on “More.” Click on on App Options and convert off “Runs at login.”

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Basically getting rid of the Cortana app from your computer system, although, involves using the PowerShell and editing the Home windows registry. It’s straightforward to make mistakes, so let me know if you want guidance for executing that.

As for Xbox, I’m fearful that it too is just one of the apps that arrives with Windows and just can’t be uninstalled devoid of resorting to the PowerShell.

Yet again, I really don’t suggest that for most end users, but if you sense up to the challenge, allow me know.

Q: I am wanting to know if you have any solutions for working with Apple Mail randomly depositing e mail into a spam folder. I have to check my spam every single working day if I want to make guaranteed I haven’t missed something crucial. E-mail are going to spam even when the concept is from an address I have previously obtained mail from and when I have the sender in my contacts file. This occurs regularly, but not constantly. I have repeatedly taken wanted things out of the spam folder and place them in my regular inbox, only to discover the future working day or a pair of days afterwards, the new missives are likely in spam all over again.  

At the identical time it proceeds to set new sends in my mailbox that I have earmarked previously as junk and favor not to get. So it seems to be malfunctioning in the two directions.  

I am working an more mature MacBook, on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave and have been told I can not update past that until eventually I get a new personal computer.

Chuck Eberdt, Bellingham

A: I’d start off troubleshooting this with two actions.

Initial, change your junk mail filter off. To do so go to Mail Preferences and click on the Junk Mail tab, then uncheck “Enable junk mail filtering.”

Subsequent, reboot the laptop or computer, flip the junk mail filter again on and reconfigure your settings.

Next, check out with your e mail service service provider to see if you have distinctive junk mail settings configured there. It may be that your emails are having misdirected just before they attain Apple Mail.

Q: A mate was receiving a good deal of buffering on her Television.  Immediately after a number of tech visits and a new receiver, she last but not least gave in and purchased an high priced new Television. To her horror, the buffering occurred once more.

Her Television set is not networked to her laptop in any way. Can you counsel any factors why this is continuing or what she could do?

Pat Lane, Mount Vernon

A: My Television is not related to my laptop, either. But it is straight connected to the web, and if my net relationship is slow the Tv set will pause to buffer.

If the Tv set is connected to the exact net support provider as the computer system, I propose running a broadband velocity check on the laptop or computer. If the obtain speed is under 5 megabits for each 2nd you’re below what Netflix suggests. The velocity check will also report ping time, which is the time it can take for your laptop or computer to get a response from the server. If that quantity is higher than 35 milliseconds, it could be producing all those functionality difficulties.

If your obtain velocity is underneath 5 mbps or your ping velocity is over 35ms, it’s time to communicate to your company service provider about either fixing or upgrading your connection.